The Assay Department is as old as the Mint. The primary function of the Assay Department is to furnish chemical composion reports on products at every stage of minting of coins and check the correctness of the coins made by mint. It maintains and ensures a correct legal standard of the coinage of the country.This department also advices the mint in its selection of coinage metals and alloys.

the virgin metals and the alloyes made from them for the coinageare tested for their mechanical properties as well as chemical composition.
Assay department of the Mumbai Mint is a premier Laboratory in the country for testing of gold and silver metals & alloys. The Laboratory is equipped with high end equippements such as ICP-OES OPTIMA 3300 XL Spectrometer, LECO CS-300 Determinaror etc., required for testing. The laboratory is further in mode of modernization for upgrading its testing facility at par with International Quality Standards.


1. Assaying of Gold & Gold Alloys by fire assay method (IS 1418:1999).
2. Assaying of Silver & Silver Alloys by Bottle Assay,Gravimetric , Volumetric Potentiometric titrations methods ,(Assay of Silver Alloys as per IS 2113:2002 ) .
3. Testing of pure metals Copper , Aluminium , Nickel , Lead ,Silver , Gold etc.
4. PYX coins analysis (Finished Coins Analysis).
5. Estimation of precious metals in dross (Crucible Crushing ).
6. Assays on precious metals including Gold and Silver received from the Government Departments and from the public.
7. Periodical inspection of private Silver refineries. Mint cerfificates for fineness are recognized by the Reserve Bank of India.
8. Examination and Assaying of the exhibits in cases of counterfeit coins and precious metals seized and sent by the Police and Central Excise/ Custom Departments.