Epf balance by UAN, download passbook PF balance check Link

Epf balance by UAN, download passbook PF balance check

If you want to check PF balance then good news for you that now you can know pf balance using UAN number at ‘memebrs.uanportal.com’ or epfo services.In.’

For inquiry of Epf balance, go to the epfo ‘portal.epfindia.gov.in’ or ‘epfindia.com’ or ‘epfo services.In’

You can check Pf balance in 3 ways which given as follows:

how to check PF Claim Status - EPFO

 Check Epf balance by PF Number Or Member id

First Log on to epfindia.gov.in and select and Epf balance or open google.com and search for Epf balance and click on epfindia.gov.in or you can directly visit the UAN portal from http://www.epfindia.com/site_en/KYEPFB.php.

Checking PF account balance online

  • First, enter your PF Account number on epfo balance portal.
  • Select state and then Regional pf office, next enter company code or establishment of the company. At the end enter your PF number.

Note that PF member id required for epf balance checking, UAN registration, and filling epfo withdrawal forms. If you have two pf accounts, then you have to check it separately.

How to Check Pf balance at UAN Member portal?

Visit the UAN member portal and log-in to it. Now find UAN passbook and click on it. It contains all your PF details. And to download the UAN passbook go to the link given below:


Check PF balance on Mobile

You can check PF balance by by the epfo mobile app or using a mobile browser or by SMS service. For checking the balance using SMS service, you have to activate UAN number.

Check PF Balance with UAN Number

To check the PF balance with UAN number, log-in to UAN and it’s done. You can check PF balance with UAN by using UAN app, mobile browser or by SMS.

Why members favor UAN Number instead of PF account number?

UAN number contains only 12 digits, and it is easy to remember while to check PF by PF account number require many information like State, regional pf office, company code and branches finally, pf number, etc. so UAN is an easy way to check PF balance.

Check Epf balance via mobile app

To check the Epf balance using a mobile app, follow the step given below:

Open the app and click on member>> among pensioner and employer >>balance>>balance or passbook.

Enter and add 12-digit EPF account or UAN number. And done. Now you can see the details of your EPF account.

Reason to check the Epf balance of the PF account

  • To gather all information of account
  • To get a loan from PF
  • Quitting your job
  • Collecting money for financial need

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