How to Add Intra Bank Beneficiary to transfer other SBI Account

State bank of India is the largest public sector bank in India. It has approximately 16,000 branches all over the country. Even now it also owns approx. 130 branches in 32 different countries. Even now associate banks of SBI are merged with it and hence it extended its range by doing this.

Since SBI is the largest bank in India, so it also has the highest number of customers. Since you can find SBI in approximately every small town in the country so it’s common that most of the people you know own an SBI account. Now in this digital era of banking, you don’t want to visit the bank for transferring money to your beneficiary.

So keeping in mind SBI provided the SBI INTRA-BANK FUND TRANSFER scheme using which you can transfer money from one SBI account to another SBI account. But for that, you first need to add your intra-bank beneficiary. So here we are going to tell you the method to add intra-bank beneficiary for SBI to SBI money/fund transfer. Please take a look.

Add Intra Bank Beneficiary to transfer other SBI Account

Method To Add Intra-Bank Beneficiary:

To avail intra-bank fund transfer scheme you have to first register for SBI online banking. If you have registered for online banking then only you can avail this service. Now follow the given steps to add a beneficiary to your account for fund transfer.

Step 1:  First visit the official website of SBI and log in to retail banking.

Step 2: Now login to your OnlineSBI account.

Step 3:  Now click on the PROFILE tab on your SBI dashboard.

Step 4:  Now this will redirect you to another page. Here click on the MANAGE BENEFICIARY link.

Step 5: Now you will find the profile password page, so enter your PROFILE PASSWORD and click submit button.

Step 6: Now you will see many options there like inter-bank beneficiary, intra-bank beneficiary etc. but you have to click on INTRA-BANK BENEFICIARY.

Step 7: Now you can see a beneficiary forum there. Fill the required details of beneficiary there such as NAME, ACCOUNT NUMBER, CONFIRM ACCOUNT NUMBER, and TRANSFER LIMIT. Now after filling the all the details of beneficiary click on the submit button.

Step 8: Now this will lead you to manage Intra-bank beneficiary page. Read the statement shown there and click here on APPROVE NOW button.

Step 9: Now select the radio button named APPROVE BENEFICIARY.

Step 10: You can approve your beneficiary by ATM and OTP. For your better convenience click select the APPROVE THROUGH OTP option. SBI will send an OTP on your registered mobile number with the bank.

Step 11: Now again go to MANAGE INTRA-BANK BENEFICIARY link and select the APPROVE option.

Step 12: Now select the beneficiary account to be approved and enter the OTP you just received on your registered mobile number with the bank. Now click on the APPROVE BUTTON.


Now you have completed the entire process to register your intra-bank beneficiary for SBI to SBI fund transfer. You will now receive a notification that you have just added a beneficiary to your account on your registered mobile number with the bank.

Now SBI will take approximately 4 hours to confirm your newly added intra-bank beneficiary. After the confirmation by SBI you will be able to transfer funds to the intra-bank beneficiary you just added and hence your process is completed.



Never share your OnlineSBI Username, login password, profile password and OTP received on your registered mobile number with anyone to avoid any kind of fraud.

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