How to Change SBI Registered Mobile Number Online

It’s now almost compulsory for every one to register their mobile number with their bank accounts. But sometimes we find ourselves in the situation that we have to change our mobile number and difficulty even improves more when this number is also your registered mobile number in your SBI bank account. And for getting banking alerts on the new number we suffer to go to our bank branch to change it.

Since SBI is the biggest bank in India, it also knows this problem. So for its customers better convenience, it provides several options to change their registered mobile number with the bank even without visiting the bank Such as registered mobile number change using online methods, ATM etc.

So here we are going to discuss that how to change your SBI bank registered mobile number online through internet banking? And for that, we will start step by step.


  • Step by Step Method to Change SBI Registered Mobile Number Online:

Follow the given steps properly to change your registered mobile number online.


  1. Log in to Online SBI

first, log in to SBI online account of yours using User ID and Password. To log in please follow the link given below:


sbi login  

  1. Open PROFILE tab:

Here you can see many options like change password, manage beneficiary, personal details etc.

SBi enter-profile-password


  1. Go to Personal Detail:

Go to personal detail link and this will redirect you to a window which requires your profile password. Remember without entering your profile password you cannot execute this process.


  1. Enter Profile Password:

Now enter your profile password and click to submit button and you will now see this information there:

  • Display name
  • Email address
  • Mobile number.


  1. Click on the Hyperlink:

Now click on a hyperlink showing “Change Mobile Number – Domestic Only (Through OTP/ATM/Contact Center)”.


  1. Go to Create Request:

Now you can see new tube ‘Personal Details-Mobile Number Update’ containing three options:

  • Create Request
  • Cancel Request

Now click on the New Request link and enter NEW MOBILE NUMBER.  Confirm it by re-entering the same NEW MOBILE NUMBER  and submit.


  1. Get a Pop-Up Message:

You will now receive a new pop-up message saying ‘Verify and confirm your mobile number xxxxxxxxxx’.

Now click the button OK.


  1. OTP any One Method:

Now a new message containing three methods to change your mobile number will appear on your screen. These methods are:

  • By OTP on both the Mobile Number
  • IRATA: Internet Banking Request Approval through ATM
  • Approval through Contact Centre

You can opt any one of these methods to change your SBI registered mobile number.


  • Here we are telling you the method to change your SBI registered mobile number is By OTP on both the Mobile Number. So let’s follow the given instructions.


  • Change your SBI Bank Registered Mobile Number Using method “By OTP on both the Mobile Number”

Keep both your mobile numbers with you ready and follow this instruction to change your SBI Registered Mobile Number. Your mobile number will change through OTP now. So let’s take a look and follow each instruction very carefully.

  1. Select the option By OTP on both the mobile among all three options and click on proceed
  2. This will redirect you the account with debit card option.
  3. Now select the account and again click the proceed
  4. Now you will see next screen containing your account detail with your debit/ATM card is associated.
  5. After selecting ATM card again press the Proceed
  6. Now in next screen, you will see a payment gateway of SBI.
  7. This service will cost you ₹ 1.00.
  8. To pay this amount, provide all the information required for the payment gateway such as Card Number, Valid Thru/Expiry Date, Cardholder’s Name, PIN and the Characters Visible in the Digital Box and click Submit
  9. Verify all information provided by you carefully and then click the PAY
  10. Now if your validation is successful then INB system automatically send an OTP with a reference number on your both new and old registered mobile number.
  11. Now you need to send an SMS from both of your mobile numbers (old and new both) within next 4 hours on 567676.
  12. The formate for SMS is

ACTIVATE <8 digit OTP value> <13 digit reference number>

  1. Now after all successful validation of this process by this OTP and reference number your new mobile number will be automatically copied to CBS, INB, ATM and Bank.
  2. You will also receive a message in this regard on your phone.


Now after all this process, now you will find that your registered mobile number has been changed in your SBI bank.


  • Remark:

You can also opt other two methods (IRATA: Internet Banking Request Approval through ATM or Approval through Contact Centre) other than “By OTP on both the Mobile Number” to change your register mobile number in your SBI Bank online.

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