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All About UAN

Employees’ Pension Fund Organization [EPFO] is under the administrative control of Labor Ministry in India. It controls provident fund scheme, pension scheme, and an insurance scheme. These schemes cover Indian workers as well International workers with whom India has bilateral ties. Here we shall discuss on pension scheme and related services that are offered by EPFO.

What is UAN Portal Number?

To simplify the process of transferring PF money from one account to another, EPFO has launched a Universal Account Number [UAN]. A UAN is a 14-digit PF account number that is unique to an employee of a formal work organization, and the same account number can use by the same employee in some other formal work organization in case of job shift. Therefore, the irk of maintaining multiple PF account number is now eliminated.

UAN Portal Number

UAN Portal For Employers

Usually, all the activities of EPFO are performed by the employers itself. Such activities include EPF online payment, New member registration, claim settlement approval and updating of KYC details. Through new employer UAN portal, employers can now make timely payment, settle the EPFO claims online, add new members to EPFO, etc.

UAN login portal features and benefits

EPFO has also not barred an employee from accessing their account online and making personal changes. Thus, the features of UAN login portal provides the following benefits:

  1. No involvement of employer if your UAN and Aadhar are verified
  2. Linking of multiple PF accounts under one single UAN
  3. Easy transfer of PF money from one account to another
  4. Employees can track PF contributions regular
  5. Easy withdrawal of PF money
  6. Easy updating of KYC certificates

UAN Passbook Download EPFO Member Portal

Go to the UAN portal link from below:

The new reforms brought out by EPFO includes downloadable UAN passbook in a pdf file. Through this UAN passbook, the active members will be able to check their PF balance, credit details, etc. In case of doubt, related to an irregular contribution to your PF account by your employer, you can verify the same with TRRN search available in the menu option of EPFO official page.

There is also an option to retrieve UAN portal number by using your EPFO member ID. You may even register a status query of your PF number by entering bare minimum details such UAN number, Current Employer name, personal details and a brief description of your concern.

How to Get the UAN Number?

Usually, it is your employer who would generate a unique UAN according to the personal details mentioned in your Permanent Account Number [PAN] card. You can note your UAN from the salary payslip and activate the same on EPFO official page with the help of your registered mobile number.

How to Get the UAN Number?

It is noted that generating the UAN is the responsibility of your employer. However, through EPFO member login ID, you may know the current status of your UAN. This service is known as Know UAN service.

EPFO UAN Login Activation Process online

UAN that is generated must be activated for the first time either using online mode or through offline SMS mode or by the employer itself.

UAN activation by the employer is through a separate employer ID. You can contact the concerned person in your work organization to activate your UAN providing the person with your details such as UAN Number, PF Number, Mobile Number, Date of joining, and other details.

UAN activation by self (employee) is made simple with online mode using UAN portal. For this, you will have to visit EPFO official page and search for activation link through menu options. You just need to follow the on-screen instructions and fill-in the required information to activate your UAN.

PF Balance Check with UAN Number

EPFO members having their UAN can regularly check their PF balance online as well as through offline modes such as SMS and Missed call services. For the first time UAN portal members, they will have to generate password before accessing varied services.

PF Transfer and Withdrawal Process with UAN Login Portal

With the digitization of EPFO, PF transfer and withdrawal procedure is made easy with UAN login portal. After activating UAN login portal for the first time. Follow the below steps to initiate the process:

PF Transfer and Withdrawal Process with UAN Login Portal

  1. Create a UAN login ID by furnishing the required details on the redirected page.
  2. Verify your eligibility from the menu option.
  3. After entering required details, an OTP sent to your registered mobile number.
  4. Confirm the same and enter the required PF number and upload related documents.

EPFO Mobile App for UAN Member Portal

EPFO has launched a mobile application for quick access to all the discussed services provided by it. Members can download app from

UAN Portal Helpdesk

UAN Portal Helpdesk

For login/registration queries, feel free to visit the official UAN helpdesk portal. The portal offered technical help services for UAN password and registered mobile number recovery, PF number and UAN mismatch, correction in personal details, etc.

The help desk can be reached through email on [email protected] or Toll-Free:1 800 118 005, Timings: 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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